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 Who is Yogi

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PostSubject: Who is Yogi   Who is Yogi I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 14, 2009 4:22 pm

Hello all:) I've been playing online games since they were played on BBS. BBS play was all text base at 1200bps.
My avatar is my toy he he. Sawcy is my rl gf.

Some of my favorite things
Food : Pizza
Drink : Mountain Dew
Actor : Clint Eastwood, love his westerns
Actress : Hilary Swank
Movie : Second Hand Lions
Hobbies : rpg play, refurbish vintage stereo equipment
Favorite group : AC/DC
Favorite Song : Freebird

I joined Phsycotic early on. Oma just invited me one day. Suqiq was a big help to me early on, i got lost a lot:P Its been fun watching,and being a part of Phsycotic's growth. All part of the plan:p Though do regret that I haven't had the pleasure of hunting with some of you. Looking forward to us becoming a level 2 faction here. I think our characters will benefit greatly from this.
If you need help just PM me, if I cant assist you personally I will find someone who can.
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Who is Yogi
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