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 Who is Sawcy

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PostSubject: Who is Sawcy   Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:58 pm

Hello all:)
I'm Yogazzi's (Yogi) rl girlfriend. He got me in faction.
HOBBIES: Saltwater fish tank~~Yes! I have Nemo and Dory! RPG's
FAVORITE MOVIES: Ghost, and Frequency
FAVORITE MUSIC: Carrie Underwood, Skynnyrd, any country or 80's rock

I've played tons of fantasy type RPG's. I was even a GM in Everquest for a couple years on Innoruuk server, personal character was on Nameless server. Yogi and I met in a game called "The Fourth Coming" or T4C about 8 yrs ago. We married in-game, and met each other in rl soon after, and he dragged me down to Cincinnati, and we've been together since. It's been a long time since we were both interested in the same game at the same time. I see another puter in our future, lol.

Nice to meet everyone, and see you soon!
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Who is Sawcy
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