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 Genie Skills and Preferences ^^

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Genie Skills and Preferences ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Genie Skills and Preferences ^^   Genie Skills and Preferences ^^ I_icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 6:40 am

Right..So here are all the Genie Skills and descriptions and Requirements sunny

Ok now thats clear lets go to the second part this thing.

I have been scouring the Pw forums for ideal Genie skills and Atributes and here is what I found...

(Note: This data is quite sketchy and has been tried by an extremely minute amount of people. So this data may need a lot of work..Suggestions welcome ^^)

Right so lets get started.

But remember genies can learn only up to 5 skills each. This makes them not very versatile and you cannot expect a single Genie to be good at PK, Escape, buffs and etc etc.

Ok so here no particular order...

1)Escape Genie

@Helping you when your being mobbed or are unexpectedly against bosses or high levelled mobs
@When Agro is um..extolled on to you where the Tank is dead or is Stranded...this would help
@In PVP or PK to help you escape.

Right so how do you build your Escape Genie?
You would need an array of Disabling, Healing and Speed increasing moves

These Skills are possibly the most essential here ^^

Tree of Protection= Increase own Max HP. Recovers HP every 3 seconds.
(Pros: That gives u an extra amount of health for a short period of time and keeps restoring your health every 3 sec for 6 seconds. i.e This will give u time to save ur self when Agro shifts onto you or save your self when your un-expectedly Pked...........Also this skill requires a balanced amount of Affinities and enhances its inplementation in other builds as well)

(Cons- A long long cooldown......and a huge amount of Stamina consumption confused )

Right other Skills which are variable..

Wind Shield =Protect yourself using the power of wind. Reduces damage and increases your attack rate and Evasion.

Apparently this is an excellent Skill for Archers. The increased attack speed and Reduced Damage can help the Archer with a boss by doing a lot of Damage and yet not steel Agrro Smile

Earthquake=Deals damage to targets around you, and has a chance to knock them back.

An Excellent Skill to escape being mobbed by physical monsters. The knock back chance is pretty high and the damge is *sigh* Decent....(for a genie atleast)

Air Strand=Immobilize the target, but has a chance to immobilize yourself as well. Has a chance to Silence the target.

Again a great skill for PK and Killing or Escaping Mobs

(Ok Im getting a bittt bored and tired..will certainly update with the others..there are sooo many more..) flower flower
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Genie Skills and Preferences ^^
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