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 a s "hit" list

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PostSubject: a s "hit" list   a    s "hit"        list I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2009 5:26 pm

It gets frustrating sometimes, trying to just go about your own business, and somebody comes along and kses you. I think we've all experienced it.

I know as a cleric when I cast a spell, I can't always cancel it, although I try, if I've realized someone else hit the target first. I try to take that into consideration and give that person the benefit of the doubt if they do it to me.


doing it twice in a row is definitely deliberate ksing.

that being said, I'm starting a list of known ksers and ppl I now refuse to help in any way including buffing or rezzing.

I've had leaders and directors of other factions ks me. When a member of their faction asks me for a rez or buffs, I do politely explain to them why I will NOT and tell them to go talk to their "wonderful" leader(s) about it.

A faction is only as good as the members. If any member of a faction brings disrespect to it, it makes the whole faction look bad. Especially if the leaders condone or endorse the bad behavior.

Here's some of my blacklisted and why:

Anyone from Mpire faction because their leader WhiteShot and their director Dutch__girl ks'd our squad at Chin - twice

Anyone from DEMONIOS faction
I have been repeteadly ks'd by PERLANICOL
and our squad was again ks'd by her and several other DEMONIOS members today (6/19/09) - although we were victorious in getting the kill thanks to grEit_uAn

Anyone from Validus faction - except for xMordecaix who is only one of 2 decent members they have that I know of because they refused to help one of our faction members when they clearly could have helped

Anyone from MORBID faction
because one of the members, an executor at the time, Razor_Reign, continually ks'd me.
I was once asked by a Marshall of theirs to help once, and I refused, explaining to him why. I have noticed that Razor has since been demoted justice prevails Smile

Avoid this player at all costs!! He's a very deceitful player. I watched him tell many ppl who needed Jewelscalen he would help then he told them to stay close to him - making them die, then he left and just laughed at them.

a rude player who ks'd a member of our faction repeatedly then called her names be continued I'm sure

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PostSubject: Re: a s "hit" list   a    s "hit"        list I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 11:13 pm

lol I read kses as kisses lolz!! and then I looked at the pic and was like yea I hate ksers especially the venos that do..
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a s "hit" list
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