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 A few tips to help you get back your internet speed :D

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PostSubject: A few tips to help you get back your internet speed :D   Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:51 pm

ill try to make this as simple as possible..

  • Get some Anti-virus/spyware/adware: i would recommend theese as my favorites(i dont use all Razz just the ones i know are awesome and have used before.

  1. Avast Home edition: its free and its thorough on autoscans and smart scans
  2. Kasperspy: great anti spyware, also has freeware version
  3. Norton Security Suite... even though this isnt the top its not cause its not good its cause its not free.. if it was free this would be #1 on my list cause of its firewall capabilties and it really keeps any third party invasions out Very Happy (even any remote connections from outside your local network)
  4. Spybot search and destroy: this one is good for finding the bad cookies Razz (double pun?) like from ad sites that try to give you adware. this wont fully clean all cause it kinda sucks at that. but you can head into your pc's cookie path which it should tell you.
  5. 1.2.3. spyware free : i kno its a pretty stupid name but it works, although slow, it does find and destroy any spyware on your system

  • Clear any unneccesary registry. From old programs, opens files (Rar,zip, any compressed file, even some program updates.) (i use Clean my registry from but i use a portable version like everything else
  • delete your history, cache, temp files, recent files, any unused shortcuts, they take up indexing space and no matter how small, every KB will count in speed.
And thats about all i can think of right now... and btw... if u spill something on ur laptop/pc... just get a freak towell and flip it over xD or a blow dryer or something lol
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A few tips to help you get back your internet speed :D
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