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 Effects of gems on gear

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Effects of gems on gear Empty
PostSubject: Effects of gems on gear   Effects of gems on gear I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 10:28 am

Here's a link to a pw forum post about what effect different shards have on equipment (this one shows pics - although i think some of the names are the Malaysian version it shows the Grade #)

also found these descriptions:

Originally Posted by senovit
For armors only:

2 grade 5 hp stones = purple glow
2 grade 5 phys stones = orange/reddish glow
2 grade 5 mag stones = white glow
2 grade 5 mana stones = blue glow
2 grade 5 dodge stones = yellow glow
2 grade 5 elemental stones = green glow
2 grade 5 mixed stones = sparkles.
4 grade 8 hp stones = lightning effect
4 grade 8 mana stones = blue crystal effect
4 Elemental 8s: Strong green glow with sparkles
4 Pdef 8s: Burning fire
4 Mdef 8s: Strong white mist
4 Evasion 8s: Bigger/stronger yellow glow with sparkles.

The following weapons glow:

-Three-star (purple name) : Blue glow.
Obtained at lvl 20 from a quest, or rarely from weapon manufacturing.

-Legendary (gold name) : Gold glow.
Obtained by using materials and a mold (dropped from dungeon bosses) at a Legendary weapon forge in Archosaur.

-Twilight (green name) : Green glow.
Obtained by using Twilight Temple materials at a Twilight Weapon forge in Archosaur.

-All fists
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Effects of gems on gear
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