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 Bounty Hunter (BH) runs - new schedule

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Bounty Hunter (BH) runs - new schedule Empty
PostSubject: Bounty Hunter (BH) runs - new schedule   Bounty Hunter (BH) runs - new schedule I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 12:31 pm

We need to implement a new way of doing BH runs. Since BH was introduced in the game, we have tried to get everyone's squad needs for BH bosses doing multiple runs each day.

Obviously some runs are easier/harder than others and we realize that. But for those who bascially have to be in almost every squad for multiple runs, such as tanks and clerics, this is not only time consuming but costly.

Just add these up for unwined runs:
bh 51 1 hour minimum
bh59 1 hour minimum (did one once in 35 min. with multiple deaths - no thank s)
bh69 1 1/2 hours minimum
thats 3.5 hours for 3 runs

then multiply that by 2 because of the quantity of ppl that need it requires more than 1 run- thats 7 hours per day of doing bh runs.

Consider it for yourself - one run (2 if you have an alt) for BH every day.
Some of these runs take an hour to do. Not bad time if you only have to do it once...

Now think of a tank or cleric who has to do 4, 5, 6 or more runs every day and not even get worthwhile exp out of it. We aren't trying to be unreasonable - we just want to be fair - to everyone.

With this in mind the following rules apply for BH runs effective today, Friday, August 14, 2009:

1. BH runs will be done on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday only.

2. Join squads as they are assembled. Squads can wait a few minutes, but when the whole squad has to be put off for 30 minutes or more waiting on one or two people it just extends the time for the next runs that have to be done.

If you cannot join the current squad, wait for the next one or go find a random squad at either the Head Hunter NPC or boss location. People constantly ask for squads at both places.

3. Wines will be required for bosses inside FB51 and up.
If you cannot donate mats to the squad for wines, donate money. If you can't do either, you will have to find a random squad at either the Head Hunter npc or at the boss location.

Please also remember to get help, give help.

We hope this becomes a workable solution so that everyone can enjoy the game and we don't lose people because they have become overworked. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Bounty Hunter (BH) runs - new schedule
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