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 Who is Hatys?

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PostSubject: Who is Hatys?   Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:28 am

Hi there ^^ First you must know that english is not my first language and my sentence may sound funny. I'm sorry XD

I am Hatys (or the WebMistress, webmiss serve me to correct the bug of the forum^^)

Who I am? Well I was some sort of archer on PWI you know, running in the wild and like a divine light, Suqiq appear and add me to the faction Razz!

There where some weird thing with me. I talked a lot, but not fully understand the language I talked, ah my god... And then many people tough I was a man too. Well yes I have a male caracter XD But i'm not so people were seing me do: ^^ or -^^- or Hihi! and others strange behave for boys lolll

So! Oki, I'm a girl from Quebec (if you don't know, this is in canada, we make good mapple syrup *wink wink*) I like video game since i'm 4 years old, a real videogame junkie XD I do like pen and paper rpg too and "real life" rpg. Yes... with medieval costume and all. I like art and many other things... I have done escrime and horseback riding, my next sport to learn is kung fu. I study in video game and 3D animation! Well that all I got to say for now Razz

Here a little picture of me smiling with my sawing machine in background!

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Who is Hatys?
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