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 TW Tactics

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PostSubject: TW Tactics   TW Tactics I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 8:14 pm

gleaned from different sources -which if I told you where, I'd have to kill you sunny

Targeting tips:
Step 1 - Before entering a TW, hit " T " to open nearby-players window.

Step 2 - On left side, disable all options except " Barbarian " and " Non-faction-member "

Step 3 - You're ready now. As soon as you can see any cats coming, hit " T ". You will auto-target someone while he is still far away, and have a ton of time to prepare attacks.

The range of this tool is pretty far (usually as far as you can look on mini-map) so you can target cats before you even can see him moving around.

If you have multiple cats together, hit " T " pick a target, attack / debuff him. If he dies, hit " T " again, click on the names to see who is dead and who is still alive, choose one, attack / debuff and so on.

Blademasters - one thing u can do to be effective in TW stun anyone u see in ur way and leave let other classes take care of them

more tactics:

All classes should have a flying pet. Baby Elysium Fowls are good for this. It puts more distraction in the air and makes it harder for the enemy to target you.

Veno's can get baby Elysium fowls eggs by taming 10 Elysium Fowls (hills West of Sanctuary) and paying 200,000 coin to the zoologist. The eggs can be used by any class. These are NOT battle pets, just an annoyance!

Genies: Use your genies! Some good TW skills for the genie are Holy Path to move quickly, WhirlWind to stun them and slow them down, and Extreme Poison to cause damage. There are others but these three cover a nice spread.

Attacking catapults. Cats are usually pulled by barbs and protected by clerics who have Veno body guards (airborn). For Cat squads it's best to kill the cleric and then go for the barb.

When going for the barb have a Veno Amp and PURGE!!! (Most effective after the cleric is dead). This really increases the effectiveness of the damage dealers.

more to come
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TW Tactics
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