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 Gem and CS guide

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PostSubject: Gem and CS guide   Gem and CS guide I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 9:58 pm

Here is the list of the gems we can get from the merchants:

Shabby shards can be purchased at merchants in the cities and combined into higher forms at the Jewelscraftsman nearby. All shabby shards are 530 each from merchant.

Garnet: adds physical attack to your weapons and physical def to your armor

Sapphire: adds magic attack to your weapons and magic def to armor

Amber: adds accuracy to your weapons and evasion to your armor

Turqoise: adds mana to your equipment

Citrine: adds hp to your equipment

Alabaster: adds metal attack to your weapons and metal resist to armor

Aquamarine: adds wood attack to weapon and wood resist to armor

Ruby: adds fire attack to weapon and fire resist to armor

Amethyst: adds water attack to weapon and water resist to armor

Topaz: adds earth attack to your weapon and earth resist to armor

Alabaster, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, and Topaz shards are used for your Crazy Stone daily quests that you can complete once a day when you get to lvl 30.

(Levels 30-60) Hou Jenhsi (530, 641) Archosaur, West

From level 30-40 (2,650 gold)
1 Shabby Alabaster Shard
1 Shabby Aquamarine Shard
1 Shabby Ruby Shard
1 Shabby Ametheyst Shard
1 Shabby Topaz Shard

From level 41-60 (7,950 gold)
1 Blemished Alabaster Shard
1 Blemished Aquamarine Shard
1 Blemished Ruby Shard
1 Blemished Ametheyst Shard
1 Blemished Topaz Shard

(Levels 61-90) Tu Jo (533, 642) Archosaur, West

From level 61-80 (23, 850 gold)
1 Common Alabaster Shard
1 Common Aquamarine Shard
1 Common Ruby Shard
1 Common Ametheyst Shard
1 Common Topaz Shard

From level 81-100 (71,550 gold)
1 Average Alabaster Shard
1 Average Aquamarine Shard
1 Average Ruby Shard
1 Average Ametheyst Shard
1 Average Topaz Shard

(Levels 91+) Tu Heng (533, 645) Archosaur, West

After turning in your shards to the required npc (changes each lvl) you have to wait 10 in-game min before you can collect your reward from the CS npcs. The exp and spirit depends on your current lvl.

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PostSubject: Re: Gem and CS guide   Gem and CS guide I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 10:16 pm

nice Dillon! ty sunny
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Gem and CS guide
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