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 Xys little BH helper^^not what u think:)

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Xys little BH helper^^not what u think:) Empty
PostSubject: Xys little BH helper^^not what u think:)   Xys little BH helper^^not what u think:) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 11:14 pm

So first of all this is more a little help bc i see in the last time so many of u asking for help for the BH quest so i tell u guys how i made it the most of the time

1.if u have ur BH quest open the Fac.window and look who is online and what lvl they have (if u have lvl 60 look for 6+player and so on)

2.if u finde some1 who has ur lvl ask in for ur BH (BHfb59 or Boss name)
some1 give u an awnser nice u got ur 1part of ur squad and if u have more luck u have a full party with Fac.members and u can finish ur BH quest Smile)))))))))

3.if no 1 anwnsers or u only 2 persons dont cry stay at the Bounty Hunter look what is going on im normal chat maby u finde a squad or ppl who need the same Boss intive him or let u invite most of the time u meat interesting ppls maby new Friends or idiots Laughing

4.u dont need the fac.for ur BH bc some of us are higher or lower its really better to make it with ppls they have the same lvl. i talking from me im helpfull really really helpfull but it makes no sens if i try to help a lvl 50 player in BHfb39 it sucks really Mad i dont ask lvl9+ players to help me for my bh quests (ok we dont have 9+ players in our fac but i hope u know what i mean=^.^= go and have fun with ur BH Quest and dont cry if u can do it on the day u get it the next time u get ur BH Quest Squad:))))))))

Have a nice Day X

some German words for ur motivation:


englisch: TSCHAKKA U CAN GET IT!!!!!
i hope its right??....loooool
if not i have 2 words for ur
SUCK IT affraid Laughing
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Xys little BH helper^^not what u think:)
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