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 Point for reward rough draft #1

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PostSubject: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:27 pm

ok ladies and gents..this is gonna a bit rough..but gonna start give some insight on a point system that can:
1- bring a goal to some players to get their gear
2- probly make some things a bit more fun
3-add a bit more tightness to the faction.

let me start by saying that by doing this (whether it works or not) im not trying to impose anything on anyone..but just trying to accentuate the fun in the game while benefiting us as a faction. So, don't feel insulted or obligated. Just have fun and let's get some good mojo going.We have 4 aspects of the game that will be involved (TT - Bh- Fb- farming) and i will try to get every level possible involved (crosses fingers).

ok, first lets start with a schedule (depending on players availability and willingness to participate).

BH in 69- 6PM(wined)
BH in 79- 7PM (wined)
BH in 39/51- 8PM (unwined)
BH in 59- 10pm ( maybe wined)

TT60- 6PM
TT70- 6PM
TT80- 7PM
SUNDAY- TT60- 10AM TT70- 1PM TT80- 3PM

TUESDAY/FRIDAY/SATURDAY- Free days and/or FB days.

CHAPTER I-Twilight Temple- there are 4 lvls of mats to get..60-70-80 (for now) premise. all TT squads need to be full for anyone to get any credit. partial or 2man persons will not get credit for boss kill. this also applies to FB/BH.

1- on time bonus- show up 15mins before set time inside TT by the forges and u will be credited 5 points.
2- killing bosses- TT that renders lvl60 mats will give 2 pts per boss kill.
TT that renders lvl70 mats will give 4 pts per boss kill.
TT that renders lvl80 mats will give 4 pts per boss kill.

3- all the mats that are involved in the manufactoring of TT gear are to be collected by 1 person that will, in turn, hand it in to raid bank.
4-subs will be provided (at the beginning) by players (will be returned as we get subs)..but in time will be provided by the raid bank.
5- you get credit only for the bosses u helped in killing..if you are replaced (aside a crash problem), your replacement gets the points for the kill.
6-have fun doing TT to profit us all Smile

CHAPTER II- FB- Tabber gets all drops as usual.molds and 3stars.
19 thru 39- full squad will all receive 1 point for helping. Tabber will receive 2 pts (helps low lvl get points and extra thanks for FB)
51/59- 2 pts for squad member- 3 for tabber
69/79- 3pts for squad member- 4 for tabber

when FBs are done should be during the 3 off days..not in conjunction with BH unless it falls that u have that Boss and participating in the FB.

in FB39- we will take max amount of players that need it accompanied by high lvl players to burn thru the FB. All molds will go to the raid bank . All bosses done will get you 1pt.
- in FB51- no wine needed..kill fushma and wyvern will give 2 pts each. killing the middle boss will give 3pts. all molds to raid bank.
- in FB59- wined- zimo/drake/qianji will give 3pts each. earth and wood bosses(forget names atm) will give 4pts. all molds to raid bank.
unwined- zimo/drake/qianji= 4pts each. other 2 bosses not needed. molds to raid bank.
- in FB69- wined- each boss= 4pts.molds to raid bank.
- in FB79- wined- all bosses=5pts. would like all bosses to be killed to maximise mold drops that will turned in to the raid bank.

CHAPTER IV- Farming mats- ok this gets a bit tricky and i will like a lot of input in this. It's the only real way for under lvl 60 to amass points.

Players LVL1-19-groups of 30 golden herb,salvia root,nectar= 1 pt
groups of 30 iron/sandstone= 1 pt
groups of agiterum(s) and low lvl wood and rough coal will be 40 per= 1 pt

Players LVL20-39- groups of 20 OX bezoar/crane/tuckahoe/realgar=1 pt
groups of 30 of other herbs=1pt
groups of 20 gravel/black iron/rough lumber/coal= 1 pt.

Players LVL 40-59- Refined steel- fine lumber- Anthracite- Rubstone. groups of 10= 1 pt.
all herb groups of 20= 1 pt

Players LVL 60+ -Corundum powder-high lumber-charcoal-steel alloy..groups of 10= 2pts.
All groups of 15 herbsp = 1 pt.

there are some mats that will also reward points:
-Ultimate substances= 2 pts per
-mirage celestones = 1 pt for 2
-socket stones =1 pt for 3

thats it for the gist of what we can as far as rewards to spend your points on. the goal is to amass mats to manufacture TT gear or mold gear as we get them. first, I'd like a choice on what weapons/armors are best for each class (PVE oriented). and we will start like a store making the stuff and storing it for a day when u can spend your points on them.OR, we will have a menu with all the major/preferred gear with what it will cost in points. you can order the item and if you have the needed points to spend, it will be created for you (item will come as is..1 socket or 2..max stats or not..sorry. luck will rule here). we will try to stock as many of each mats as possible to make the
first rush of demands filled. as we go, the excess mats will be sold to purchase maybe gold, shards, etc..etc..

there is one last thing i had in mind..and that is if anyone does the Cube to collect mysterious chips.. X amount of pts will be awarded for gathering chips so we
can buy molds, hard mats,etc from the mysterious salesman in 1000 streams..this still needs more thought if it is possible to do.

ok guys..this is to make the game a bit more enjoyable, helping fellow faction mates making us grow. happy gaming and constructive criticism will be most welcome

take care.

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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:34 pm

Just out of curiosity is this pw time or what time zone?
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:39 pm

times i put EASTERN STANDARD..but that can be changed. these times are penciled in until we have a better knowledge of ppls availability.

would be -3hrs in california -2hrs mnt time -1hr central time

would be +5hrs in portugal +6hrs in France/Belgium so if in Europe. you can judge.
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:40 pm

halelujah your in my time zone xD now what are the points for?
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:54 pm

sry saelt but than i can never help or getting bc i go after server time but it dosent matter its always here in germany 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am and and and so u see its all in the earley morning for me and i cant do that every das or in the week so i do it like i will i help if i have time do my bh randome and and and

sry but this doesent work for me

have a nice day X
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:51 pm

Saelt the post is good for us but the time for every of us is differ, n sum will be on there work time n cant get to the tt or help, they wont get there tt mats by the time we got all for us. One or two day for tt is not that enough, cuz i believe most ppl cant do it on that day only. The time zone on there u put near tt n all other, we r not sure which time zone it is n if so most ppl wont be on at that time.
The way i consider for all bh, tt, fbs r: bhs for whichever day ppl gets, cuz most ppl do it right away whenever they gets it. Sum fac member of us can get a squad out of fac near hunter in archo. Thats wat most ppl do n done there bh if nu1 could help or have the same bh. Every1 could ask in world chat if they cant find any1 to help or need. We could spilt the wine cost too even in fac member squad.
As for tt, we could do it on most of the day lik on weekends cuz most ppl r off n stay home, they would have time on pw more. Tt could do the whole day whenever any1 needed, just ask in fac whoever wants to do tt or need tt mats for there weap or armors.
Fbs can do whenever they wants once they got there fb quest n tabs. Just make sure they got all tabs, if not they could ask fac chat for help n on how many bosses in fb has. Tabbers gets drops 3* n mold if have. N if theres sum1 need a boss for bh, they could split the wine cost to the tabber if is wine.
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:57 pm

sia speaks Shocked yaaaaaay cheers lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:17 am

I wouldnt award points for fbs. They get rep and xp and possibly a wined BH for free. I consider it more a "fun" thing than helping. Usually tabbers dont complain about lack of help anyway.

Rather I would distribute points for bosses. Well, not those soloable mobs, but bosses which need a squad or a cleric and stuff. We should reward the effort, after all.

I also agree that an hourly schedule is a bit problematic for non US residents and people who have a RL. Fixed days are ok tho.
Yet squadding will be difficult. Getting them full in the first place and getting the right members, i.e. venos, clerics and barbs.
Today sia asked 3 or 4 times during several hours and not a single person wanted to come. When the majority of the squaddies are outsiders, all fac regulations are kinda pointless and it turns to a coin run.

We should consider sending skeleton squads, like a herc with a bit support of a cleric/dd and augment them with the ppls who are available. Like with a barb/cleric all bosses get done. If no barb or no cleric, then the hercable ones get done.
At least its more likely to happen than a full squad.

Small quick squads, striking deep behind enemy lines. >=/ that kinda thing. with an emphasis on "quick".


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PostSubject: Re: Point for reward rough draft #1   

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Point for reward rough draft #1
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