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 Opinion for tt/bh/fbs

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PostSubject: Opinion for tt/bh/fbs   Opinion for tt/bh/fbs I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 5:24 pm

Hi all ^^ this post is just wat i had in mind n wanted to share to all. It just refer to my last post on saelt's post.
-Tts: Friday/sat/sunday, i believe those days that most ppl r available for tt runs. Times: whole day (recommed ppl to help if they r free n able to to, doesnt matter if the squad had to be full) split the share to all ppl in squad, if they dont need anything, the other mats left over is for fac bank. Ppl can also get there friends if we dont have any tankers or clerics online in fac n split share to them as well.
-Fbs: Ppl who have fbs to do have to get all there quests n tabs that involve inside the cave, u can also ask on fac if u had any questions about quests that related to fbs. Tabber get there 3* n mold(s), tabber can also get any drops inside the cave if they need or want. Fb59/fb69/fb79(2 wines), ppl that need bhs n they can tag along wit the tabber, the tabber can decide if ppl that need bh have to pay the wine or not. Ppl who had fb69/fb79 need to do there 20x3 first than do there fb later wined. Time: Tabber can do there fb whenever they wanted.
-Bhs: Monday to thur. Nu tts for those days. Bhs can be stack up to 3, so that way u can save up the wines. If u cant find any1 that need the same bhs, u can go to archo where hunter locate, u can find a full squad that need the same bhs n split the wine cost. Time: whole day.
Ty for reading this, this post might not be helpful but this is my opinion overall. It would be great if every1 can cooperate to any of this n help every1 out. ^^
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Opinion for tt/bh/fbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Opinion for tt/bh/fbs   Opinion for tt/bh/fbs I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 12:51 pm

Yes, by all means, fixed days are fine. But I say it again, we lack the manpower to schedule TT runs by the hour. As it is now we usually end up with 2-4 fac people in the squad with the rest being outsiders. It doesnt really help that people only do TTs which they need for their own stuff. A point system might change that of course.

The wine question on tabbed fbs is an interesting one. I was on fb69s where the tabber refused to wine since the squad consisted of BH people. Considering the bonus xp and rep for BH ppl, one might say the wine should be up to the BH guyse. But then they probably will insist on a random drop distribution. Would be hard to find out anyway who has a BH in the squad and who doesnt.
Maybe the drops should just generally go to the tabbers if they provide the wine, else to the winers.

Seriously, Im sick of people who make their fb squads and then reveal they have no wine. So, drops to the winers imnsho.

On a sidenote, someone should move this thread.


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Opinion for tt/bh/fbs
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