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 Still alive

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PostSubject: Still alive   Still alive I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2009 9:01 am

Hi there ^^

Even if I do not log on really often and don't post on th forum Razz... I'm still alive XDDD

Sorry if I'm not here a lot, my program really hard and I have a lot of work XD You know in a week there is 168 hours

-30h of class

-2h per day to go school (10h per week)

-I must sleep between 5h to 7h hours a day Razz (42h per week)

-Near 65 hours of homework and project working per week

- I must feed myself between 2 ou 3 time a day to not black out, I really need energy XD! 2.5 hour perday for the 3 meal because I must cook and eat (17.5 hours per week)

-Take showers, between 15 and 20 minute each, (2 hours a week Razz)

(ahahah you must think i'm crazy XD)

So a total of: 156.5 hours! Yayyy left me like 11h per week of random things I can do like sleep more, play Perfect World and well you know Razz Sometime I just sit back and look at the floor to relax a little bit =/

I'll try to be more active when school will finish Embarassed Have a nice game all!

Webmiss, Hatys =)
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Still alive
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