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PostSubject: HOW TO MAKE MONEY!!   HOW TO MAKE MONEY!! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 20, 2009 2:38 am

Alright people, this is a guide on how to make money in perfect world ( Please note that this information i have gained comes from the knowledge that i have acquired during the time i took to play my character on the server dreamweaver and this character's level is 34 and the highest i have reached with any character despite me using almost 30 characters is level 43, so if u have more information, feel free to pm me with the information ^^)

[list][*]Do quests solo (besides bosses of course) and collect all coins and items because if you are in a squad you are obligated to share the loot. Sell the equipments that drops and deposit the dq items and materials (oh yes, you will also need to expand your bank slots alot, best way to do that is to find the materials to do so, this is because the safe extension cost money >.<).

  • Save all Celestones and Celestone fragments until you are of level to be in Archosaur ie. level20+ and sell them in a consignment shop (cat shop), or you could turn them into mirage celestones and sell them as well (this is only if you do not refine equipment)

Harvest everything you can ie. pig iron, nectar etc., deposit them for sale or use of manufacturing

  • Make your own equipments and pots by becoming an apotheracy, blacksmith, tailor and crafstman, it will save you a fortune to do so especially when you find your own materials, beleive me

Make equipments and apothecary items and sell them to people and reasonable prices (best to have clients for equipment selling since not everyone uses the same type of armaments and there are a great diversity of them)

  • Stock your shops appropriately at a very convenient location for peoples quests eg. at shining tidewood a quest is acquired from the Master Bladescraftman that requires individuals to get five element fragments, stock up with this item and sell at a competitive price (meaning it should cost less than competition >.<).

When you set up a shop in west archosaur try to keep a bit of distance between you and other shops, meaning don't stay in a huge crowd, sometimes you will be overlooked cause of the confusion, you may also be overlooked if your shop isn't named appropriately to what you are selling.

  • Do tabless runs of fb if you are strong enough and collect and sell the items.

Make squads to tackle monsters way ahead of your current level so you can get expensive drops and such, eg. your squad is full of level 50-55 characters take down level 65 to even perhaps level 75 monsters, the less people in squad the more spoils for yourself ^^ but make sure you can handle the mobs that way before having only 2 people in squad

  • Take advantages of peoples mistakes eg. I was in secret passage one day and I looked in a consignment shop and found a three telecoustics selling for 1400 coins (the seller actually wanted to enter 14000 for selling price but made a mistake and left of a zero) and there and then i saved thousands by buying those 3, imagine if he had about 40!!!, I could have bought them all and sold some for about 12k, EASY MONEY!!

This one is a bit more evil than the last tip *hehehe* but take advantage of peoples ignorance eg. I bought 10 purified oils from someone at 400 coins each!! while purified oil sells anywhere between 1.5k - 4k, I also bought a few celestones from someone for the same price that one would sell it to a npc for (thats 1k each!). The best way to do this is to ask "What's your offer" and when the person tells you their price, beleive me, you'll know what to do then.

[list][*]Final tip I'll offer for now, if you can, leave the game on and your shop open while you eat/sleep/ at school/ at work or while someone else is using the computer, this is a great way to make money in the time period that you wouldn't even be using the computer at all!!

Well this about sums up pretty much what i have learnt so far about making money, oh yeah, when your selling your items look at the price others are selling it for and decrease that price by 10-25% to make your price the more reasonable one. Here is a helpful link that tells you which monster drops which items and other information as well Perfect World Database ^^
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